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Person touching their chin

Cutting-Edge Dermal Filler Techniques Medford, OR

At The Clinic, we believe in helping you love your look at any age! After all, age is only a number. We are always looking out for the newest dermal filler techniques to help our patients reach their aesthetic goals, and one modern focus we’ve been making note of is the interest in “profile balancing,”…

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100 Best Companies in Oregon

The Clinic Is One of the Top 100 Best Businesses to Work for in Oregon in 2021! Medford, OR

We are so proud to announce that The Clinic made the top 100 list for Best Businesses to Work for in Oregon in 2021, a distinction awarded by Oregon Business Magazine, who conducted a voluntary, confidential employee survey. Employees from all over Oregon participated, answering questions about workplace satisfaction concerning topics such as benefits, management,…

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Woman wearing workout clothes and looking slim

Why You Deserve CoolSculpting This Year Medford, OR

Southern Oregon’s Premiere CoolSculpting® Clinic (that’s us!) is thrilled to announce a new special: This month, you’ll get 20% off CoolSculpting when you purchase six or more cycles! When you factor in The Clinic’s already-low CoolSculpting pricing, you’re getting savings which are truly impossible to beat in Southern Oregon and possibly throughout the entire country.…

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Woman with smooth skin rest her head on her hand

New Year, New Complexion! Medford, OR

Happy New Year! Are you as pumped as we are for a fresh start? Let’s get started then! There’s no faster or more enjoyable way to put some spring in your step than undergoing a revitalizing skin treatment with your favorite local skin care provider. To help you get your glow on, The Clinic is…

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Man and woman and standing back to back

Southern Oregon’s Premier CoolSculpting Center Medford, OR

You know the saying that you get what you pay for? It implies that when you spend less money, you get lower quality goods or services. Well, this saying is simply not true when it comes to CoolSculpting® treatments at The Clinic! We offer the most affordable CoolSculpting prices in the Rogue Region, and we…

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Woman With clear and smooth skin

One Treatment Helps Large Pores, Oily Skin & Sun Damage! Medford, OR

It’s probably one of the best-kept secrets in aesthetic medicine, largely because it’s a medical treatment, not just a cosmetic tool. Photodynamic therapy (PDT) is a light treatment designed to help treat inflammatory acne, sebaceous hyperplasia (enlarged sebaceous glands on the forehead or cheeks which appear as small, yellow bumps) and even actinic keratoses (precancerous…

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